Camp NaNoWriMo: Week Four & Wrap-Up

Camp NaNoWriMo is over for the April session and I was incredibly productive during the entire month. I don’t know what it is about these challenges that make me have the best accomplishments of the month, but I’ll go with it. My goal was to reach 100 hours. I did hit that, which I am proud of, but I did more than I thought I would goal-wise that I’m more proud of where I’m at in my revision process than what I did. Time for me to break down the last week of Camp, what I accomplished, and what I’m doing moving forward.


I’m just linking all these together, because the last eight days of Camp consisted of me going through my second draft. At the end of the last day, I was 216/360 pages in my second draft and I felt really good with that. I far exceeded my expectations. I only have one other novel revision process to compare this to and that was my Red Riding Hood retelling that took me over a year to revise. I began writing it in November 2014 and didn’t have a polished manuscript until March 2016. So with that timeline in mind, that is what I compare to when it came to Sharp Hollows. So, I feel great with my use of time all month.

Things I struggled with during the final eight days was definitely word count. I’ve only cut around 2-3k words so far. Remember my original goal of cutting 15k? LOL. Yeah, that won’t happen. Then I had a goal of 90-95k for my second draft and even that is looking like it probably won’t happen. The other thing I am struggling with is pacing. I love my first country and the setting so much, my characters are there for the first 40k-ish of the novel. Is that too long? I feel like it is.

All these issues is the reason why I am looking forward to finishing draft 2 so I can send it to people who are going to help me and critique it. I know it’s rough and I’m at that point where I know I can’t help this story on my own. I look forward to the coming weeks when I send it out.


I had four goals set out for myself for Camp. They were:

Read through my first draft once and mark it up.

– I completed this goal during week two (and a couple days into week three). I stuck with a very demanding schedule during this part. I told myself I would have to read a minimum of 50 pages in my MS every day to complete it within a week. It took me around nine days to finish, but I’m still proud of myself for that. My average was it took me around one hour to read ten pages. This varied depending on each page and if I needed to mark up major issues, and some pages went quickly because all that needed changing were minor things. Weekends were the best days for me to work on this because I made myself read more than fifty pages a day. I did this to try and compensate my full time work schedule during the week that left me with maximum 4 hours to work on the read through during the evenings.

Fill out all my writing worksheets so I can better understand the world I created.

– This was easily accomplished during my first week. I used this time to take a break from my MS while still working on the world behind-the-scenes. I worked through a lot of character issues as well as world-building. I learned so much about the world during this week and YAY! It makes me want to explore more places I mentioned.

Have a bomb af writing score playlist.

– I also did this. I actually have two playlist for this book. One is my general one with songs that include lyrics. Then I made one that strictly had only instrumentals. I plan on making a blog post with the tracks from both playlists so stay tuned!

Transfer my Word doc over to Scrivener and maybe get a decent dent into the edits of draft 2?!

– This was the one I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do. But with combination of my Camp hours goal of 100 and setting up deadlines for myself with the things leading up to draft 2 (finish my first draft by that first Sunday, spend one week with character sheets, read through draft 1 in a week,) it was only a natural progression of starting draft 2 as early as I did. Also, I did wayyyy more than just make a dent in draft 2. I’m over 60% done with draft 2!!


The next step is obviously finishing my second draft. Once I do that, I am sending it to trusted people.  My goal is to start querying in July. I suppose we shall see what the coming months will bring!


One thought on “Camp NaNoWriMo: Week Four & Wrap-Up

  1. Leigh-Ann says:

    Ah Lainey congratulations! You’ve been such an inspiration to me in my own writing. I’m so happy you started this blog because now you’re inspiring me to blog more too! Watching your journey has been such an honour and you set such a good example when it comes to your dedication and passion for writing. I haven’t made any decent progress towards any kind of novel in almost a year since starting university and I’ve finally given myself the kick up the arse to get working on it. Watching your videos and reading your blog posts has been such a massive part in that. Thank you! 🙂


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