Camp NaNoWriMo: Week Three

Third week of Camp and I’m not going to lose steam, because I officially started working on the second draft!


I only read around twenty pages here. This in on account of that fact that whenever I go home to my parents’ house I always have a tough time doing anything? I’m seriously so lazy.



I finished the read through! Yay! My goal was to finish reading it over the weekend and I


This is just on the front of my first draft. These are the main povs.

managed to cross that off my list. -raises the roof- As much as I wanted to dive in and start applying my edits, I watched tutorials on Scrivener instead. I know Scrivener is so helpful and there are a lot of features on it, but I am easily overwhelmed by the program. I used the program for my Red Riding Hood novel after I had written the first draft in Word, but that was over a year ago now and my memory was shot. Basically was starting from square one again. However, I did manage to import Draft 1 into Scrivener with no problems.



I drove back to my apartment on this day so this also hindered my ability to work. I did manage to edit Chapter 1 though!



Not many stand-out things happened in these two days. I’ve just been diligently working on the chapters. Now that my new goal is to finish draft 2 by the end of Camp, I have all this drive. I definitely didn’t think I would finish draft 2 until the end of May. So to me, I’ve already accomplished what I wanted to do¬†this Camp.

I average about an hour a chapter for a chapter that is around 1.5-3k words. My chapter length varies, too, because I always see questions about how long is a good chapter length. I always¬†try and keep mine on the shorter side just because as a reader, I also get bored with long chapters. But sometimes it’s just hard to do that. I think my longest chapter so far is over 6k and I know that’s long, so I’m trying to shorten it.

I also posted specific character aesthetics over on my Twitter, but I will post them here too. I’ve talked about this before, but I have four main characters in this book, two girls and two guys.



Romy Veresova


Penna Veresova


Luca Desmarais




Another day of editing. I’m also subtly starting to freak out about word count. Now I have settled on how I want to get this MS to around 90-95k words to query. I think that is doable for me and also comfortable where I won’t lose any character development. It’s still a little high, but I think the story would suffer if I tried to get it to 85k, my original goal.

Still, it’s hard when I think I’m doing good with cutting out that things I’m not using anymore only to add the righted version of it. I’m eager to finish the second draft now so I can send it to my friends. More pairs of eyes will be able to see the things going wrong, the scenes I can cut, etc. I’m excited to send it out, too. I’ve been holding this story in since, technically September/October, so it will be nice to finally share it with people.



Ah, today I didn’t actually do anything. I think I just needed a break to rejuvenate my brain or something.

But now, I’m heading in to the last week of Camp! It’s been so successful for me so far! How about you guys? How has Camp been going for you?



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