Pitch Wars 2017: Pimp My Bio

Hey there. My name is Lainey and I’m entering Pitch Wars 2017 for the first time with my #ownvoices YA fantasy project Sharp Hollows.



When a courtesan meets a rogue guard of a dead king’s tomb, she and her crew go to a land with magic and dead gods in hopes to restore her disgraced family’s name.

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  • adventure desert road trip
  • multiple pov (four)
  • found families
  • a courtesan with ambition
  • a gunslinger with sass
  • a gambler with heart
  • a bodyguard with secrets
  • Deaf main character
  • very close sibling bonds
  • f/f romance
  • street smarts crew
  • biracial rep
  • teasing, slowwww burnnnn romance
  • world inspired by America’s Industrial Revolution
  • and ancient Babylon
  • unique religion/magic system involving multiple gods
  • manipulative, morally grey and brave characters with vigor and heart
  • for fans of The Mummy (the good one from the 90s), Indiana Jones, and family dynamics of Shameless



My project was heavily influenced by my own race. I am a light-skinned biracial and having two of my main characters biracial was important to me. I think light-skinned biracials are under-represented in YA. There are so many struggles light-skinned biracials deal with, most of it being identity, a theme that is definitely woven into my characters who are trying to find where they fit after being told they aren’t (blank) enough or too (blank).

I  have other marginalized representation as well. One of the main female characters is Deaf. Also, she is gay.

The majority of the crew is darker-skinned.



I graduated from the University of Iowa in 2014 with a degree in English Literature. I work in healthcare now, but my endgame is to be a writer. My favorite movies are action — the more explosions and car chases the better, my favorite TV show will forever be Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and my favorite YA books are Falling Kingdoms, The Winner’s Curse, Six of Crows, and The Kiss of Deception.

As a mentee, I work extremely hard because I want to make my MS the best it can possibly be. In a mentor, I want someone who believes in the project as much as I do and wanting to take it to the next level. I want to be a great team.



Below are my character aesthetic pics of the four main characters. Sisters Romy and Penna, their best friend Luca, and the mysterious bodyguard, Dove.

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Why I Decided to Shelf My Last Project

As a lot of you know if you follow my channel or my Twitter, I am very very close to querying again with Sharp Hollows, my YA Fantasy novel. This isn’t the first time I have queried. I first had my bouts into the querying process last year, from the last few days of March to around mid-June. I documented the entire process in my writing vlogs for those months and then I sort of… stopped. Here are some reasons I quit querying so soon (three months isn’t a very long time to query) and how I decided it was time to shelf my Red Riding Hood retelling, Through Villains and Wolves.

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From the Vault: Unfinished WIPs

I thought it would be fun to do a timeline of all my unfinished WIPs. Some of these, I haven’t looked at it years. I’ve said this a lot in my writing videos that my Red Riding Hood retelling was my first completed novel I finished and edited. Before that, well, I still have a bunch of unfinished manuscripts still sitting in my computer files. Will I ever complete them? I’m not sure. They are obviously missing something that caused me to stop working on them. Most of them sat unfinished because I didn’t build an outline/road map for them and I’ve learned I cannot finish a project if I don’t know where I’m going with it.

Anyway, here is a look into some of my old work. I’m ordering them from oldest to newest. And just because I can laugh at myself, I’m including a horrible unedited passage from each piece. You can also see how I progressed in term of writing. Maybe? I mean, I think I’m significantly better now.

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Camp NaNoWriMo: Week Four & Wrap-Up

Camp NaNoWriMo is over for the April session and I was incredibly productive during the entire month. I don’t know what it is about these challenges that make me have the best accomplishments of the month, but I’ll go with it. My goal was to reach 100 hours. I did hit that, which I am proud of, but I did more than I thought I would goal-wise that I’m more proud of where I’m at in my revision process than what I did. Time for me to break down the last week of Camp, what I accomplished, and what I’m doing moving forward.

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From the Vault: TVAW – Chapter 1

I need to share some of my writing. I’ve been talking about writing for a very long time over on my YouTube channel and yet I never shared what kind of writer I am. I think this is important because I want you guys to know my style and what my writing is like, but I never found the opportunity. I thought about reading some on my channel, but I didn’t like that idea because I’d stress over the delivery and it’s hard for videos.

But now I have a blog, so it’s worth it, ya know?

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Me as a Teenage Writer: A History

Storytime! This is my history of writing. Have I always wanted to be a writer? I’m not sure. I do know that I always wanted to create. I wanted to make music until I realized I couldn’t sing… at all. I wanted to make fashion until I realized I kind of sucked at drawing and my stitching was always uneven. I wanted to write and whoa, it kind of stuck and I came to the conclusion I was kind of good at it? (Maybe?!)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been really into reading interviews of some of my favorite authors and many talk about how they got into writing and I noticed that a lot of them wrote fanfic. I actually never wrote fanfic despite growing up with online writing. I read a lot of fanfic, primarily Buffy fanfic. Like I would stay up until 4AM reading Buffy fanfic on LiveJournal. And I would call it quits when I disturbingly found Buffy/Giles fic and would abort asap because ew.

Ok, maybe I lied. I did write one fanfic. I wrote a Buffy/Xander fanfic when I was 12 or 13 and what the hell was I thinking back then because they’re bffs.

So, while I didn’t write fanfic like a lot of others have, I did write a lot online. A lot. Like, sooooo much. Guys. There’s years of my writing still around the internet, but I’ll be cryptic enough not to post any links.

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